Wrestling Ring Rental

Professional Wrestling Ring Rental

18 x 18 Foot Wrestling Ring Rental

· Daily Rental: $500 per day (NO HALF DAYS)
  Includes Set Up And Tear Down

· Transportation: $1.50 per mile (Round Trip to Transport)
  "Leaving Karnes City, TX"

· Hotel: If travel time is over 4 hours one-way, a hotel will be required
  and added as a charge to the rental.

The wrestling ring is 18’x18′ and 2½’ from the floor and is one of the best in the wrestling business. Our wrestling ring is built with a steel frame and with plenty of 1 inch padding.

Extra Equipment (Added to the Rental Above)

  • Staging/Entrance – $150.00 Daily Rental
  • Sound System & Lights – $100.00 Daily Rental
  • 18’x18’x12′ Cage – $100.00 Daily Rental
  • Crowd Barricades – $450.00 Daily Rental
  • Table 8′ – $5.00 Daily Rental
  • Chairs – $1.50 Daily Rental